Our Customers

Making Connections

At A.S. Watson, being a retailer is more about than providing top-quality products and world-class service. It’s also about building a strong relationship with customers – connecting with them and truly understanding them, in order to be in tune with their changing needs and remain at the cutting edge of innovative retailing.

Our customer insights guide our investment in the latest digital innovations and the development of online and offline (O+O) experiences. With such insights we constantly improve the customer experience and build even stronger customer connectivity.

We are Customer Expert

To better understand and anticipate the needs of today’s customers, we have established data and research functions like DataLab and WISE, keep maintaining conversations with 142 million customers in 28 markets across Asia and Europe. Customer Love Score (CLS) has been developed to let customers feedback how they feel about their purchases and the shopping experience.

How We Connect Our Customers


eCommerce and In-store Technologies